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Digital powerhouse and EdTech hub for Imigrants

Japademy is the digital powerhouse and EdTech hub that drives global support and investment in emigrant professionals, immigrant workers, and international students through the power of circular migration.

Our Framework


Connect with Overseas Brain Powers through the Power of Digital Innovation and Unlock the Key to Your Dream Success.


Optimize Your Success Story by Unlocking Access to Uniquely Designed Workforce Development Opportunities Powered by Overseas Brainpowers.


Accelerate the Your Career Journey with Global Opportunities through Overseas-Driven Mentorship, Coaching, and Support Programs Tailored to Suit Your Needs as a Home-Grown Talent or International Applicant.


Create lasting influence that impact lives and transforms dreams to reality as a global mentor, coach, instructor, sponsor, or investor.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock the doors to endless international opportunities by providing career-focused education and professional development resources, mentorship, and coaching, as well as immigration and relocation support services, to help emigrant skilled workers, career professionals, international students, and new immigrants achieve their global career dreams and aspirations.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish JapaDemy as the leading global digital learning hub for overseas career acceleration and circular migration, empowering people from all walks of life with equal access to the resources, support and guidance they need to globally expand their career or educational horizons, and in turn invest back in their home countries to build a more inclusive, diverse and globally minded workforce.

Our Values: E.A.S.E

JapaDemy is committed to ensuring excellence in the provision of invaluable resources that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of everyone from all walks of life.

JapaDemy is committed to enhancing equal accessibility for individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of their geographical location or economic situation.

JapaDemy is committed to providing support and guidance to individuals as they navigate the challenges of working and studying abroad.

JapaDemy is committed to empowering individuals to take control of their own career and educational career journey towards achieve their global career dreams.

The Mandate

Combine the power of Digital Innovation with Circular Migration to empower and transform home grown talents through diaspora investment, bridging the gap between ‘brain drain’ and ‘brain gain’.

Promote synergistic connection between disapora and home-based brain powers

Drive solutions that helps maximize the gains of intellectual import, accelerate human capacity development, and consolidate economic growth for the African population.

The Identity

At JapaDemy, creating a synergy between circular migration and digital innovation is the driving force behind the vision.

An Edtech Innovation and E-Learning platform that CONNECTS and matches home-grown talents with diaspora brain powers, helping them to transform their careers through global opportunities.

A Circular Migration Resource that ACCELERATES the career journey of international applicants, emigrants, immigrants, building them into international network strengthening the global digital pool of Africa’s highly skilled human capital.

A Career Accelerator Hub that OPTMIZES the skills, natural abilities, capabilities, talents, knowledge and expertise of home-grown talents through unlimited access to global opportunities.

A Revolutionary Innovation that TRANSFORMS economic growth by strengthening and developing local workforce through intellectual importation, knowledge exchange, and global investment drive.

The Audience

Provides the needed support that embroadens the knowledge, sharpens the natural skills and abilities, and enhance the career growth of  home-grown talents, preparing them as inbaluable intellectual asset for the local market.

Japademy gives home grown talent and prospective emigrant who are passionate about global opportunities, the power to achieve smooth overseas migration to over 10 countries through the fields of healthcare + education + digital technology. 

The platform also provides support for immigrants skilled worker and  career professionals, empowering them with the relevant skills needed to navigate the path to career transition and adaptation, master trans-cultural integration, and strengthen their mental resilience in a new country.

Diaspora-based expert passionate about continental visibility, impact, influence, and income?

JapaDemy transforms the visibility, impact, and influence of diaspora brain powers, recognizing and magnifying their enormous talent, skill and expertise towards driving intellectual investment, and promoting economic wealth.

The Focus

NurseDemy powers the Edtech platform for drives career acceleration and transformation for Nursing professionals 

HealthDemy powers the Edtech platform that drives career acceleration and transformation for healthcare professionals 

CoachDemy powers the Edtech platform that drives career acceleration and transformation for skilled workers, career professionals, mentors, coaches, trainers, teachers and educators. 

TechDemy – powers the Edtech platform that drives career acceleration and transformation for tech experts 

EdDemy – powers the Edutech platform that drives career acceleration and transformation for prospective international students.

The Team

Our multi-disciplinary team of digital innovators, IT specialists, overseas career mentors and coaches, relocation experts, and immigration partners based in the UK, US, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and across Africa, deliver multi-dimensional workforce development and overseas career support services that meet and exceed the expectation of the target audience.

Each member of our digital resource pool is hand-picked and has excellent track record in developing and delivering digitally designed solutions that drives intellectual and economic growth.

What We Do ​

  • Are you a fresh graduate, unemployed skilled worker, or career professional seeking to accelerate your career?
  • Are you a skilled emigrant – early, mid or late-career healthcare professional, teacher or educator, tech and digital expert, or an international student seeking to explore global opportunities in the career and academic fields?
  • Are you an immigrant newly arriving your destination country but struggling to adapt, acclimatize and thrive in their new environment.
  • Are you a diaspora-based expert or intellectual seeking exciting opportunities to invest back your home country?

Our Focus​

Our Partners

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