Our Wide Range of Services

We offer a wide-range of career acceleration services

Our mission at JapaDemy is to ensure that YOU get empowered with right MINDSET, ORIENTATION, KNOWLEDGE, TOOLS, RESOURCES and EXPERT SUPPORT that will help you achieve your  global career dreams.

Globally Certified Online Courses

for Students and Professionals

Start your journey towards a brighter future by enrolling in globally accredited certificate and diploma courses in the field of Health and Social Care, Education, Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence, Business or Project Management, Digital Media Marketing, Global Leadership and others.

International Exams


Our exam preparation services are tailored to your individual needs and include practice tests, study materials, group, video tutorials, and one-on-one coaching to ensure you are not only fully prepared for the test day, but also smash your exams like a star!

Global Employability Skill


Seeking to acquire additional skills to supplement your academic knowledge and help prepare you for a global career?

JapaDemy empowers you with global employability skills that enhance your employability, marketability, eligibility and suitability in the global job market,  helping you achieve your global career dreams.

Study Abroad

Accelerator Program

This program is designed to help international students secure admissions into reputable universities abroad. JapaDemy provides free guidance and support in the application process, including choosing the right course and university, application documentation, visa processing, and accommodation. 

Work Abroad

Preparatory Program

This program is designed to prepare skilled workers for their first ever entry into the global labour market. JapaDemy provides mindset re-orientation and induction programs for newbies who are just either beginning their work abroad journey, or newly migrating into their first job abroad.

Overseas Career Accelerator


If you are looking at enhancing your eligibility, marketability, employability, and suitability as an international applicant or student, we have exactly what you need. JapaDemy provides professional training, mentorship, coaching and networking opportunities covering areas such as industry-specific skills, international job applications, job search and job matching optimization, interview preparations, job contract signing supervision, cross-cultural communication and integration, and productivity and work ethics. 


Immigration and Relocation


With years of experience and a track record of success, we have tested experts you can trust to make your move smooth and stress-free.

The Global Career Accelerator Program

for Healthcare Professionals


Through this program, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the most experienced and successful mentors and coaches in the healthcare industry getting overwhelming support, career guidance, counselling, mentorship, coaching and support as you work to achieve your global career goals.

Career Advancement


Our team of trainers, consultants and experts provides the help and support you need to acquire the necessary skills and expertise that will equip you to become an asset in your desired field, within your country of residence, or abroad.

Through our via weekly live and highly impacting master classes, you will not only connect with the world’s most brilliant minds and brightest talents, you will learn from a team of diaspora-based experts and industry leaders who can help you transform your career for good!

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