Career Accelerator
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Land your dream job with our expert-led course in tech career development.

Land your dream job with our expert-led course in tech career development. 

Build a brand

Discover how to create a compelling online presence, craft a persuasive narrative about your career journey, and communicate your value proposition to potential employers.

Interview well

You’ll create a winning resume and cover letter, find job postings that best fit your skills, and make meaningful connections with industry pros and peers by leveraging the power of social media.

Secure the job

You’ll learn how to confidently prepare for interviews, make a strong impression on potential employers, and negotiate salary and job offers to get the compensation you deserve.

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What you'll get from our career accelerator

Career Accelerator Course

You'll have access to career-specific modules, designed by recruiters and accredited career coaches, to help you with your career switch.

Access to live sessions with experts

Take your skills to the next level and stay ahead with the competition with our exclusive live talks, workshops and expert feedback sessions..

Opportunity to join our community

Thriving is easier when you're part of a community. Sharing goals and ideas with like-minded people can lead to faster success.