Global Healthcare Career Academy

by Japademy's Healthcare Experts

Are you passionate about launching a healthcare career in your home country? Are you seeking to kick-start or accelerate a healthcare career overseas? Would you love to explore global opportunities in the field of healthcare? Look no further! 

HealthDemy is here to make your career dreams come true!

Our digital academy equips you with global skills that will reposition you for outstanding success in your career journey!

HealthDemy is poised to revolutionize healthcare career pathways in Africa deploying the power of education technology to address the continent’s skilled workforce challenges.

Our innovative AI-powered education technology hub democratizes digital education, prioritizing the closing of skill gaps and improvement of access to global opportunities, with the goal of building a more skill-focused healthcare workforce.

Our Academy Courses and Programs

HealthDemy’s Career Navigator Courses and Accelerator Programs are designed to provide comprehensive support for you at any stage of your career.

Whether you are a non-healthcare talent in need of career guidance and counselling, an international student seeking to kick-start a career in healthcare, a dependant or newly arriving immigrant interested in the health and social care sector, or a practising healthcare professional looking to explore global opportunities in healthcare, our academy has been tailored to meet your needs.

Explore the options, enrol at HealthDemy, get instant access to impactful programs, and take the first step towards transforming your future in healthcare. 

Healthcare Career Navigator

If you are new in healthcare or don't have a healthcare background, we have the right online courses, internationally accredited trainings, and mentorship bootcamps to help you navigate the pathway, get internationally trained, and kick-start your healthcare career with ease and speed.

Access to all Basic and Introductory Healthcare Courses. Live Webinars. Break-Our Room Sessions

Healthcare Career Accelerator

Developing your healthcare career to climb the industry ladder has never been this easy. We have the right mentorship, coaching and overseas-exchange programs that can get you to the next level on your global career journey.

Access to all Advanced Diploma Courses. Live Career Mentorship & Coaching Programs. Internship and Apprenticeship Placements.

Work Abroad Accelerator

Adequately qualified with the perfect professional qualifications, and seeking exciting opportunities abroad?
Get into the same room with diaspora-based relocation experts who can connect you with the right job opportunities and make your relocation dream come true.

Access to all Advanced Healthcare Courses. Live Career Mentorship & Coaching. Apprenticeship Placements + Overseas Job Application. Migration + Relocation Package

The Healthcare Scholarship Program

HealthDemy, in partnership with global partners across the UK, Canada, Australia, and US, we are proud to introduce our Healthcare Scholarship Program.

The Healthcare Scholarship program is aimed at empowering aspiring individuals to pursue careers in the healthcare sector.

This scholarship program offers a unique opportunity for students to receive financial support and gain access to internationally recognized qualifications.

Through the Healthcare Scholarship Program, we aim to nurture talented individuals and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in healthcare roles.

From International First Aid Programs, to Level 1 & 2 Certifications, and Advanced Diploma in Health and Social Care, our diverse range of healthcare programs provides comprehensive training for various roles within the industry.

With a strong commitment to excellence and professional development, JapaDemy ensures that scholarship recipients receive top-quality education, mentorship, and career guidance.

Join us on this transformative educational journey and embark on a rewarding career in the healthcare field.

Apply now to secure your chance to make a difference in people’s lives through our Healthcare Scholarship Program. 

Nursedemy Nursing Career Accelerator Program

The Healthcare Career Navigator and Accelerator Programs

The HealthDemy Career Navigator and Accelerator Programs are designed to provide comprehensive support for healthcare workers at all stages of their careers.

Whether you are a school leaver or university graduate seeking to enter the healthcare profession, a student studying an healthcare course and in need of career support, a practicing healthcare worker or professional looking to explore international job opportunities, or a non-healthcare professional interested in studying healthcare courses abroad, our program has something for everyone.

Enroll in any of the programs today and take the first step towards securing your future in the healthcare profession.

Why Should You Enrol?

HealthDemy’s healthcare courses and programs are tailored to provide you with the necessary support and training to excel in your career and reach your goals as an aspiring, emerging or practicing healthcare professional.

A comprehensive healthcare career support for school leavers and university graduates with no healthcare background, designed to close the skill gap caused by increasing migration of healthcare workers and global demand of healthcare professionals.

Career support, guidance, counselling, mentoring, coaching, and training for student in healthcare colleges and universities, helping them navigate their career pathways and excel in their careers.

International job opportunities for practicing healthcare professionals seeking to break into the global market and practice their professions in the overseas health and social care sector across Europe, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Jamaica, UAE, and other choice destinations.

Opportunities for individuals with no health background wishing to study healthcare courses abroad as international students in academic institutions across Europe, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Asia, and other choice places.

About HealthDemy

HealthDemy is a global EdTech innovation and human resource for health hub that democratises digital education, promotes workforce development and drives career advancement and investment in healthcare workers. 

At HealthDemy, we combine the unique concept of circular migration with cutting-edge technology-driven education and career development strategies to close knowledge and skill gaps and drive investment in the careers of aspiring, emerging, practising and retiring healthcare professionals.

Leveraging on our diaspora-driven and technology-built Skills Mobility Partnerships (SMPs) hub, HealthDemy has a mission to proffer strategic solutions to the global nursing workforce crisis and secure the future of the nursing and midwifery professions. 

We harness the power of digital technology and circular migration to deliver global employability skills training and career acceleration programs through an overseas-exchange initiative that connects local talents with global opportunities.

Whether you are seeking to break into the nursing profession, explore global opportunities, or invest in the profession, HealthDemy is here to help you achieve your goals.

Enrol at HealthDemy today and make your global career dream come true!

Our Team

We are proud to have a team of diaspora-based experts that brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, expertise and experience to provide the best career support, guidance, counselling, mentoring, coaching, and training that will help you navigate your career pathway and become an invaluable asset in the global healthcare space.

At NurseDemy, we believe that strategically structured career mentorship programs are essential for achieving a successful career in the nursing and midwifery professions. Our team provides personalized support and guidance to every student, helping them to reach their full potential and aspire to reach the peak of their careers.

Whether you are a non-nurse interested in studying nursing, a student just starting out, or a practising nurse looking to explore global opportunities, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Seasoned experts, mentors, coaches, course creators, instructors, researchers and academicians with advanced knowledge and skills beyond the field of healthcare.

Diaspora-based healthcare leaders, mentors, and experts in varied healthcare settings, who bring their wealth of practical knowledge and experience to the academy programs.

Healthcare mentors and coaches with expertise in career guidance, counselling and mentoring with a passion and dedication to helping students navigate their career pathways and achieve their global dreams and aspirations.

Global Skill Mobility Experts with in-depth knowledge of the global job market, who can provide career advice and connects academy students with global opportunities.


What They Are Saying

Onaji Chinemenma
Onaji Chinemenma
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"My mentorship journey here thus far has been transforming. I have gained so much knowledge about the international job market, especially the UK health and social care sector, which I never knew anything about before now. I now know how to package my CV and Cover letter as an international candidate. Additionally, I have internationally endorsed certifications qualifying me as a most preferred candidate for overseas job in the health and social care sector. I am truly grateful to all the mentors and coaches. Simply put, I am experiencing a nice in a lifetime transformation! Thank you JapaDemy for this wonderful opportunity. I am grateful!”
Jimmy Rita
Jimmy Rita
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“It's been a beautiful experience and my career journey has been transformed positively. I enrolled for the JapaDemy Career Accelerator mentorship and coaching program and this did not just prepare me for the UK care assistant role, but has completely changed my narrative about life itself. I sincerely appreciate all the mentors and coaches who has made this possible. You are all geniuses with massive hands-on experience and priceless ideas. I promise to have breakfast with you all in UK when I arrive. Thank you!”
Sulayman Nurat
Sulayman Nurat
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“Kudos to all the mentors and the coaches in the at JapaDemy. May God reward you all. I have learnt a lot with regards to job search optimisation as an international candidate. I am now more positioned to utilizing all I have learnt. Cheers to joining you soon over there. Thank you all and God bless!”
Taiwo Bankole
Taiwo Bankole
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“It has been an amazing journey with all the admin members, mentors and coaches. I have learnt a lot with regards to international job optimisation and job search. I am now more positioned to utilizing all I have learnt. Cheers to joining you soon!🍾🥂
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I want to say a big thank you to all the mentors, coaches and experts who have been doing all they can to give support through my relocation journey. I really appreciate the privilege of joining the “Japa” community. Though I had an Idea about the migration route, there were so many potholes that made the journey difficult for me. With the overwhelming support from the mentors and coaches, those potholes have been filled. My job marketability and suitability have been transformed beyond measure! I am now set to take my migration journey to the next level. See you all soon!
Loise Wakini
Loise Wakini
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"Joining all the way from Kenya, the mentorship and coaching I received has helped me so much in all aspects of my migration journey. I am now better prepared and confident about my overseas job chances as I look forward to taking my OELTS UKVI. My job applications are being accepted and I am excited to be making this kind of progress. I am very grateful to the coaches for everything!"