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Category 1

The Global Employability Skill and Workforce Development Bootcamp

Are you tired of been unskilled or unemployed?
Its a new year and you want to do things differently, you want things tio change. The JapaDemy’s Global Employability Skill Boot Camp is designed for you.

Learn how to break into local and global labour marketand transform your 2024 with globally demanded skills.
In just 3 days, discover the power of acquiring one essential skill that can redefine your carrier trajectory.

Join us to gain insight, guidance and expertise from over 30 diaspora-based experts, equipping you with the tools needed to successfully break into the local and global labor market.
Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your skills, accelerate your career and shape a future where your talents are in demand worldwide.

Category 2

The Work Abroad Bootcamp

Are you a skilled worker eager to fast-track your career with global opportunities?

Whether you’re new to the idea of working abroad, seeking guidiance, or have faced setbacks while doing it by yourself – our Work Abroad Bootcamp is designed for you.

Register today to gain expert insights, and support, and navigate your way to success in the international job market. Perfect for skilled workers and immigrants looking to invest in local talents.
Dont miss out – secure your spot now for FREE!

Category 3

The Study Abroad Bootcamp

Embarking on a journey to a new country can be daunting, especially when faced with the intricate details of immigration route and admission processes.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, we’ve got the perfect solution for you – the Study Abroad Bootcamp!
Whether you’re a skilled worker unfamiliar with the migration route or someone seeking expert guidance for your immigration process, our boot camp is designed to provide the knowledge, support, and transformation you need.

Secure your spot now and Invest in your future. 

Category 4

The International Migration Bootcamp

Migrating to a new country can be very challenging. Recent events leading to the deaths of some aspiring African underscore the difficulties many face during this transition.

Our International Migration Bootcamp is your solution-a comprehensive guide to navigating challenges from cultural acclimatization to psycho-emotional well-being and a whole lot more.
Don’t let this hurdles deter your dreams or make you loose your sanity. Join now and empower yourself and others for a successful journey.


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Our good works speak through the lives we have impacted. Here’s what our success stories look like.


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