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■ Have you been searching for internationally accredited and globally recognised healthcare certifications and training to kick-start or accelerate your career in healthcare?

■ Would you love a study program that earns you the opportunity to connect and interact live with overseas instructors, facilitators and mentors who can hold you by the hand and help you navigate your career journey successfully?

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Enroll in Our Internationally Accredited Caregiver and Healthcare Assistant Certification and Training Program

Are you looking to launch your healthcare career and make a difference in the world of healthcare?

Look no further than our internationally accredited and globally recognized Care Giver and Healthcare Assistant Certification and Training Program that proves your competency in key areas.

We know how hard things are hence, our rolling out batches of scholarship grants and sponsorships to help you receive this valuable training you need at almost no cost!

Get access to globally endorsed certifications specially recognised by employers and international recruiters including the essentials such as First Aid, Basic Life Support (Theory) Equality, Diversity, Fire Safety, Health, Safety and Welfare, Infection Prevention and Control, Information Governance inc GDPR, Mental Capacity, Moving and Handling Theory, Safeguarding Adults L1&2 (Adult Support & Protection), Introduction to Mental Health and others.

Get a DISCOUNTED OFFER  to access over 85 Certifications and showcase your skills to employers!

Our international certification program provides you with the best globally accredited certifications. You will also get additional mentorship that will help you achieve your career dreams.

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About the Healthcare Scholarship Program

About the Healthcare Scholarship Program.

At HealthDemy, we are proud to introduce our Healthcare Scholarship Program, aimed at empowering aspiring individuals to pursue careers in the healthcare sector.

This scholarship program offers a unique opportunity for students to receive financial support and gain access to internationally recognized qualifications.

Through the Healthcare Scholarship Program, we aim to nurture talented individuals and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in healthcare roles.

From Level 1 & 2 Certifications to the Level 3 and 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Extended), our diverse range of healthcare programs provides comprehensive training for various roles within the industry.

With a strong commitment to excellence and professional development, HealthDemy ensures that scholarship recipients receive top-quality education, mentorship, and career guidance.

Join us on this transformative educational journey and embark on a rewarding career in the healthcare field.

Apply now to secure your chance to make a difference in people’s lives through our Healthcare Scholarship Program.

Get Equipped with Important Knowledge and Skills for Your Overseas Career

HealthDemy, in partnership with leading UK Skills for Care endorsed eLearning provider, is bringing to your door step CPD accredited online social care courses.

We also provide an intuitive Learning Management System to help you meet individual or workforce training compliance challenges.

Our healthcare courses are created by health and social care experts, can be accessed 24/7 on any internet-enabled smartphone, PC, tablet or other device, and can be customised to adapt to busy schedules with zero loss in quality.

In order to ensure learners, hit the ground running, each of our 95+ health and social care courses for adults is mapped to current health and social care vocational qualifications.

CPD Accreditation recognises that our health and social care courses provides a carefully structured, highly effective, methodical approach to learning that enables those in the social care sector to stay current with best practices, new technologies, and the evolving needs of the populations they serve.


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The NurseDemy Career Accelerator Program is tailored to provide you with the necessary support and training to excel in your career and reach your goals:

Why Should I Enroll?

HealthDemy’s HCA International Certification and Training Program is tailored to provide you with the necessary support and training you need to excel in your heakthcare career journey.

Savings of a Lifetime!

The scholarship for this progrm covers the full tuition fees for over 95 healthcare certifications! In comparison to enrolling for one course + certification at an average of £10-£15 per course, our scholarship recipient saves a massive average of £849 a year with JapaDemy's scholarship offer!

1 or 3 Months Unlimited Access to 85+ CPD Accredited Care Courses

With our partial scholarship, you can get up to 3 months unlimited access to 85 highly comprehensive, CPD-accredited mandatory & specialist online care courses that deliver huge savings that won’t be beaten anywhere! 

Lifetime Access to Care Certificate

Get Lifetime Access to UK’s Only Skills for Care Endorsed Online Care Certificate. It’s just 1 Course instead of 15, accompanied by 1 Portfolio instead of 15 workbooks. You do not need any yearly renewal for the globally accredited Caregiver Certificate. Your certificate lasts a lifetime!

First Aid - International Certification

Shoot up your chances for a job offer with this international certification program which trains you on how to respond to common medical emergencies, and improve your competency as a caregiver.

Introduction to Healthcare Assistant Bootcamp

HealthDemy's lead instructors, facilitators and coaches offer you this BONUS COURSE on a platter of gold! The bonus session: "Healthcare Assistant: Everything You Need To Know" will help you gain a comprehensive understanding and deep insight into everything you need to know about the roles of a healthcare assistant,  the skills required to succeed in the field, and tips for career success.

Live Mentorship Webinars

Join our instructors, facilitators, mentors and coaches in live classes where you will get overwhelming support and have all your questions answered.

Launch Your Healthcare Career With Ease

With our International caregiver training for Healthcare Assitants, you can gain the knowledge, skills and the exact international certifications you need to launch your healthcare career and make a difference in the world of healthcare.

Discounted Access to HCA Hospital Training & Apprenticeship & Placement

Interested in getting hospital placement for securing local jobs or completing your apprenticeship program? This scholarship offer earns you a chance to get massive discounted offer for HealthDemy's CareGiver Apprenticeship Program.

Enhance Your Profile as an International Applicant

Enhance your employability, marketability and suitability for overseas job by becoming an attractive international candidate for employers and recruiters.

Secure Your Dream Job with Ease. Get Easy Access to International Job Opportunities

The training and certifications you get prepare you to lock down an overseas job that earns you over £20,000 annually. If you want to break into the global job market in the overseas health and social care sector across UK, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UAE, and other choice destinations, this is your best bet!

Relocate with Your Family

Our program helps you beat the crazy competition by repositioning you as the best and ideal candidate for overseas sponsored job offer. You may even possibly earn yourself a juicy family relocation package! 

Career Empowerment and Mentorship Support

Our program is the best you can get! Why? It provides you with additional mentorship, career guidance and counselling sessions that will help you navigate the challenges you encounter on your journey along the healthcare industry, and inspire you to achieve your career goals.

Earn While You Study!

Once you start enjoying your study experience at JapaDemy, you may recommend your friends and colleagues to join JapaDemy. Get half of your investment back by recommending others to study at JapaDemy. You earn a 50% commission every time someone you recommend pays for their certificates!

Our Academy Team

We are proud to have a team of highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated professionals who are committed to providing the best support and guidance to our students. Our team members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, with years of experience working in the medicine, nursing, pharmacy, laboratory science, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and psychology fields.

At HealthDemy, we believe that career guidance and mentoring are essential for success in the nursing profession. Our team provides personalized support and guidance to every student, helping them to achieve their full potential.

Whether you are a student just starting out, a practicing healthcare professional looking to explore international job opportunities, or a non-healthcare practitioner interested in studying healthcare courses in your country or abroad, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Our Academic Experts

Our programs are designed, created and led by instructors with advanced degrees in diverse fields of healthcare, combined with a wealth of experience in teaching and mentoring students.

Medical Professionals

Medical professional with years of experience working in various healthcare settings, who bring a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to the program.

Tutors, Mentors and Coaches

Career counsellors, mentors and coaches with expertise in career guidance and mentoring, who are dedicated to helping students navigate their career pathways and achieve their goals.

Relocation Consultants

International recruitment consultants and relocation experts with in-depth knowledge of the global healthcare job market, who can provide guidance on international job opportunities for healthcare workers.


Instructors and Facilitators

Bethel Omeife, Academy Instructor
Bethel Omeife, Academy Instructor
United Kingdom
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"This program will definitely transform your healthcare career dreams into reality."
Josephine Amoah, Academy Instructor
Josephine Amoah, Academy Instructor
United Kingdom
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"My introductory session titled Healthcare Assistant: Everything You Need to Know is a MUST-ATTEND! Can't wait to meet you in class!
Victoria Ajadi, Academy Instructor
Victoria Ajadi, Academy Instructor
United Kingdom
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"Our HCA training program is like a turbo boost for your healthcare career. Buckle up and get ready to soar to unimaginable heights!"
Charles Oguntade, Visiting Instructor/Facilitator
Charles Oguntade, Visiting Instructor/Facilitator
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"Ready to come join us in Australia? Enrolling into the academy is one of the best way to kickstart your overseas journey!"
Odunola Akintola, Academy Instructor
Odunola Akintola, Academy Instructor
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"If you want to come to Canada as a Caregiver, this is one the best place to start your journey!"
Olayinka Bakare, Academy Alumni and Mentor
Olayinka Bakare, Academy Alumni and Mentor
United Kingdom
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" I came into the United Kingdom as a care worker on Tier 2 visa via inspirational support from the academy. Now I am excited about helping you succeed on this journey too."